To leave the skin …

May 2nd, 2010

Within hours of a classic with more history it takes even more color when it comes to the definition of the Spanish League. Barca comes with Messi at its best good company in the attack and quarterback Iniesta while Madrid is the play maintain a clean sheet and play counter-attack by the pair betting attack Higuain Raul as it is expected a great pocesión the ball by the leaders of the League.

The game attract even more given the number of Argentines interesting aside : the Leo in the Barsa-plus G. Milito but injured and Gonzalo Higuain and Fernando Gago Gabriel Heinze at the White House.

Who gets better? Guardiola definitely have a better squad scored more and received less are the favorites but since this crucial derby is in between two commitments as important as it is the semifinal of the Champions one doubts the victory of the Catalans. Merengue meanwhile no longer has the CL on your calendar and has the advantage of chasing and being chased he knows the pressure is Barca because well fence detail the scenario is the Santiago Bernabeu.

The White House is decked out to welcome two giants of Europe by tradition and joined the League is at stake I have no doubt that we will give a wonderful meeting.

I invite you to see the proposal of TM in this big before where I wrote the column in defense of Madrid.

All the Champions

April 29th, 2010

Barcelona on Tuesday coming off with win at Bayer dispatch received at the Camp Nou the mighty Chelsea  who qualified after winning the key against Liverpool after a 7-5 on aggregate by the first Champions semifinal. This time there was no orchestra Messi Guardiola and not broken but the FC Barcelona club had the clearest . Hiddink’s nearly took the win by several counterattacks that failed to materialize especially a one on one of Ivory Coast who failed to violate quite correct Victor Valdes. We expect a final meeting in England to define one of the places the Olympic Rome May 27.

In the other semifinal defending champion Manchester United which had eliminated Arsenal Porto received in passing sweeping against Villarreal. The Ferguson’s were somewhat higher and won by a goal by O’Sheaat 17 of the first stage Almunia The good performance of the locals were prevented from stretching the lead. Charlie was starting and fulfilled. They are the faces next week.

I predict a final between Barcelona and Manchester Unied which finally Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo the face define who the best player in the world.

Extremely motivated: “Is that enough?” and “We were unlucky”

Very Velez

April 27th, 2010

He tore the second half of the tournament and Velez no one can stop. She turned a tremendous advantage Colon Santa Fe 4-2 maintains unbeaten and left off to Mohamed. Lanus meanwhile on the heels of winning the fort by the minimum. Hurricane And finally did not shine but also won by one goal to nil and keep their chances intact face at the end of the Clausura.

Great game: The comeback of Gareca in the Graveyard. He spent a well deserved 0-2 to 4-2 which gave plate champion.

He broke Hernan Rodrigo Lopez. He scored twice and assisted for 3 points of gold brought from the cemetery.

No shot a Fulbe: Boca. Extremist in every sense the whole peeled dropped the local football to fight the Libertadores. But it was the hand positions and fight the last Sunday lost 2-0 to Canay in Gigante.

El Glaze: The third and fourth Velez. One of Burrito Martinez another Uruguayan Lopez who after a great team play and a perfect rating Nanni chest looked the room to kill off the game.

The Controversy : The fictitious Pezzote 5 minutes was added to 90 in San Lorenzo Racing which allowed the Academy to put it and match the match after a good deal of Solari a match which saw an improvement Boedo set which had to be thrashed by San Martín (T).

I make special mention of River Plate  who played a bad game and defeated the Jujuy with a goal from Colombia but not enough for fans who are failing their players in the early elimination of the Libertadores Cup will not play the following year for the first time since the mid-’90s.


Extremely motivated: “The titles of date”

It Chumba: “Velez to Champion”

Soñar no cuesta nada

April 21st, 2010

The current situation in which we live in the local football draws attention is that the four teams that are located not more so-called large these are Vélez Lanús Columbus and Hurricane.

The fort which was dedicated last in 2005 at the hands of Russo the leader and the only undefeated and finishing half of the tournament can be said to maintain regularity could again win the Clausura 2009. The Liniers moved well in the transfer market having brought who is now one of their best players Maxi Moralez.

As for Lanús who in my opinion is the best team in Argentina over Boca San Lorenzo last and great gusts of Hurricane football. The maroon base began in early 2006 when Ramon Cabrero took over as coach at that time already had the Pepe Sand in their ranks and the following year the young people would give the club garnets south the first major championship devoting no less than in the Bombonera. But nothing was there but continued playing good football even with a different technique to be now on the cusp of what the domestic tournament with great talents such as Blanco Salvio, Valeri Sand and Fritzler among others.

The Globe and sabalero I believe are a step below the fort and garnet. Although none of them will drop the fight and each has enough to fight to the end. As for the Park Patricios if they maintain focus and not get sidetracked as they did at certain stages of the 10 that passed the closing date will be a team to respect. The rout on the date Lanus 7 was for many a historical reflection of Menotti’s team of the 70s with outstanding performances by De Federico and Pastore.

And finally Columbus whose flag is carried by the tireless Bichi Fuertes is the only one of four local championships do not know and should not miss the OPPORTUNITY. A symbol of dedication and sacrifice (much like this tria laser hair removal review) the search sabalero straining to finish to give a smile to the people of Santa Fe

Illusion is the last thing you lost as one of four teams star awaits Clausura 2009 reaching the middle will be remembered by the irregularity the poverty of the big teams and the dreaded cracked speed with which a technicians.

Too much for so little football show

April 19th, 2010

In the best spectator sport in the world or Boca or River deserved the win and the two took a point that is too much for what little was offered apart from scraped and rubbed game. As stated Reuben TM today lost both. Equal to 1 was the product of two goals first of Palermo and then Gallardo. There were few arrivals side and changing domain. Falcao had it in the end in a head to head but it was only a scare.

After a first half most boring “Africa Mía” was 15 complement pump Martín Palermo who opened the account in the Bombonera and thereafter the balance would tip in favor of the locals who have some chances later regret not having materialized. The Ischia felt the absence of Riquelme but the freshness of Chavez Mouche Gaitan and then give him air out the sides.

But would the entry of Buonanotte  who was key to counter the momentum xeneize. Outside the Ogre horrible game and free throw that would run seamlessly Gallardo (With Pato complicity?) for browning action.Then the control happened to be in the hands of Pipo which will have a clear chance when after a pass from the Dwarf Falcao found hand in hand with the Duck and had the opportunity to silence all the Alberto J.Armando but his bad day prevented it.

Finally, Another Superclásico you say no to River. The level of play was not consistent with the previous and the environment that is felt throughout Superclásico. The significance that this match was the last tournament turned out to be lifted from Boca finally consecrated not likely be repeated in the Clausura.

As was the rest of the date logically overshadowed by the great classic highlights the bulky Globe victory against Argentina Cappa who returns after two straight losses the fundamental success of Columbus’s hand against the Bichi Racing Red and receiving Banfield. Vélez keep winning and see everyone from above. Lanus As he remembered how to play to turn the game into Tigre and placed next to the leader Sabalero as escorts.


Extremely motivated: “They lost the two”

It Chumba: “What the derby deserved”

The other market in the Argentine football

April 17th, 2010

In recent days two links were implemented coaching Diego Pablo Simeone San Lorenzo de Almagro and Miguel Angel Russo Rosario Central. And two dismissals: precisely the new coach of Canay stopped working for San Lorenzo de Almagro and Mustard Merlo surprisingly left Central . A brothel yes but you understand.

For the amount of irritating and technicians lost their jobs in the irregular and closing breaker impersonation logic 09 and other strategists  the move seems to have become trainers in the transfer market new Argentine football . We outsiders bored of insulting coaches players began to insult (if St. Lawrence River) which used to be made?? Less but this does not stop us however continue with the habit of throwing pathetic how (if Russo Llop Alfaro).

Even worse is that the sponsor comprising on various multinational companies such as Coca Cola, Nike, Luminess Air Reviews, Lynx and Mcdonalds are considering pull themselves out of Argentine football. Is that happens, then things would go from bad to crisis point.

This is going from here while another goes on beyond a period of less than 48 hours. Technicians come to lead two different teams in one tournament even indulging in changing the squad a few weeks. The contracts have already adapted to the new move which flexible gymnast artistic and make us constantly watching to see who gets to go on the next date. Pets bets.

And then this is the fashion we expected when players do not play closes something like dolls and cast technicians at their mercy and trained in a suit simply access the new behavior of those who left hungry for glory and love the shirt but only economic interests. This babe usual and took its toll: he made ??A barbarian in San Lorenzo project with someone like Russo at the helm and very upscale players a series of resounding failures a spittoon a target for insults to serious charges is in you if you true or not from the top brass of soccer fans.

This phenomenon even more football away from the old continent where gentlemen like Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have at Manchester United and Arsenal respectively as their second home. European soccer is that while his players have more money to royalty keeps the old habits. This seems so basic as is the authority the power figure that each player should have we lost him.

The Champions League semis, defined

April 15th, 2010

The semifinals of the world’s biggest clubs have already been defined and proved to be a tracing paper of the previous editions  with three English clubs and Barcelona in Spain.

In what was the game of the year  Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Liverpool eliminated after the impressive 4-4 draw after a 3-1 victory for the Blues at Anfield. The match had everything  turns on the scoreboard  goals agonizing to the point that Rafa Benitez had twice the opportunity to convert to qualify but Hiddink’s Chelsea stand the progress of the Child and managed Torres and company classification.

In the previous tore the party favoring the local the result of which was brought round by his powerful homecourt but Fabio Aurelio a free kick from Xabi Alonso chess and the stadium fell silent celebration of being a move to semis. But Alex and Ivorian Drogba put things in place then Lampard would turn the party and later Luke and I returned the advantage Kuyt to Anfield leaving again a cry of wonder.

Lacking a minute for 90 again violating Lampard Pepe Reina to seal the tie in 4 and ensure the team classification.

Londoners face the mighty Barcelona Messi Eto’o and Henry  in what proved to be a formality he traveled to Germany to look after the 4-0 first-leg. It was 1-1. Bayer out.

The other semi-final star in Manchester United and Arsenal.

The defending champions scored a big victory visiting the Port of Argentines by an early goal of the course best in the world Cristiano Ronaldo. It was really a pity because the Portuguese side had brought from England a 2-2 barbaric and have capitalized on the go this would have been of epic proportions. Although all in all Manchester is the semifinalist.

And on the side of Ferguson had no problem dispatching the yellow submarine 3-0 in London after the tie at 1 in the Madrigal.


Mustard was completed

April 14th, 2010

To the surprise of many Mostaza Merlo left his post as coach Rosario Central in the fall after the momentous clash against Racing which places the Canay in promotion zone. It was unexpected unusual. Reinaldo lasted 5 games in charge at the club from Rosario taking 10 points the product of 3 wins 1 draw and 1 loss. So 5 games much less any interim.

Players Canay especially Esequiel Gonzalez had a hand in its decision statements in this after the victory having played very badly in front of San Martín (T). Another example of the impact of those who just have to play ball in the decisions of their coach. Although in this case we saw an excess of sensitivity if you will who knew how to be a champion with Racing in 2001 after 35 years of drought.

It is said that the resignation was actually filed against the directors last week but at the request of some references and the pre-game with the Insanity Workout review Academy his decision was not giving up yet. Former San Lorenzo coach Miguel Angel Russo ring for his succession and even not rule out an exchange of technical information between the club and the Boedo Canay.

Merlo joins the long list that already includes: Llop Astrada Alfaro Santoro Labruna Russo and Burruchaga. That is 8 out of 20 teams have already changed their coach so far in the Clausura. How many more victims will there be?

A pity.

Results and paradoxes

April 13th, 2010

Velez who took advantage of the very poor time San Lorenzo won by the minimum and climbs to the top alone-award-regularity; Lanus relegating to second place as a result of his fall against Argentina who left the last position. Yes football was the last beat to the first but using reason is not far-fetched: difficult to pitch in the Parent together with the coincidence of individual garnets lows which could not keep up with him overwhelming. But statistics are clear. And rewarding assures parity of teams that did not exist the gap between young and old fell to almost nothing no more victories from minute zero. Really anyone can beat anyone.

Meanwhile Argentine football giants were not with giants Boca was stronger than the Click but only was a defeat of Silver City with poor performance in all its lines. And River who is not misplaced (with 15 points to 4 Vélez) failed in his house with the wolf Plata. And here I want to stop. Fans millionaires concurrent to Antonio V. Liberti that hissed and insulted to death did not seem to take into consideration that if his team won two units was located at the tip and Gymnastics nearly win the final. With the tie took it very cheap but why this repression? Is freedom and the spine of the past have gone past what moves opening to reprove his players or the simple desire to insult others? Want to see better football another run want to see Ortega who in turn is also insulted in Mendoza?

Moreover it is worth noting the time of Hurricane who after winning by a landslide to Lanus in the seventh he believed (myself included) team tournament which would be a reflection of Hurricane ’73 champion. However the team Cappa how well he came he earned and enjoyed with promising players and not have to stop promising as pastors and Federico fell lost at home against Columbus then back in but visiting Ducó Independent. Now is it just a trip which is due to the clash of two great teams such as Columbus and the future plan at hand for the Red Gallego or seen only weeks ago was an inspiration and a fleeting rush good football? Boys Will you come back to the triple G Globo (win thrashing and taste) to bring the institution of Parque Patricio to a place of greater prestige by obtaining the very opening or will remain in modest place “team guy the fight “? Eye in the past 1-2 against those of Gallego played badly and deserved the draw but it is important to note the fall of his game. Separate line for Independiente to victory after crashing 1-5 in the debut of his coach who with over 30 games it would not surprise resignation.

On the other tournament in the opening that of permanence Central and Racing played a key game in the house of Canay which ended in victory for the visit the minimum difference and well deserved.

Horribly ripped: pitch here pitch there. He was a Wimbledon missing the net. The bows the archers and the areas were over. Sore eyes a truly awful game. But it was the Academy which twisted the balance in his favor with a little more initiative and deep play. And the time he was giving Caruso a leading role in the match. While going paradox the goal came on a ball stop. The right foot of his right marker Franco Sosa gave the advantage to the Academie impossible to match for mustard and cabals. He celebrated a championship and with good reason: the 3-point Canay away which is in promotion zone.

To close we say that we are in the previous biggest game of the Argentine football the derby. Party which if not for the traditional rivalry would be the least important of the date since none of them is in the fight for the tip nor permanence.

Champagne football at Camp Nou

April 8th, 2010

For the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League at home Barca gave a recital of goals and good football with goals from Messi -2 – Eto’o and Henry to seal the 4 to 0. Victim: Bayer Munich. With great handling the ball the trio agreed between romperecords amazing and a frightening attack speed all Guardiola revenge for the beating that the Germans had provided the Sporting Lisbon weeks ago.

In the beginning it was the Catalans took the lead as in the whole game and the first of the four came through the number 10 of Argentina after a pass from Eto’o defined with a simplicity and quality remarkable. A few minutes later the second would: Messi on the right start in his classic play by hooking into the middle to enable the Cameroonian and return the favor.

It was zeal. The poor German team attempts manifested by the French left wing with Ribery but the solid defense of the premises did not allow the breakdown of zero. Then came the penalty which saw Messi committed to all but the English horn that not only sanctioned it but also warned the Argentine.

The third goal would come after a flood of Henry Messi and finally hit the French would score in the scoring minutes later after another triangulation and exquisite definition. Halftime and the complement to Barca he would defend the zero and go crazy to play for Demichelis and company.

Another chapter of this incredible team is Barcelona ??that no one stop it.

In another quarter-the thrilling Champions League with Porto major contribution of the Argentines tied with 2 goals at Old Trafford Manchester.

The goals were scored by Uruguayan Rodriguez at the dawn of the meeting and then the English Rooney equalized.

Goals Argentos defined the match: Charlie which came midway through the second stage turned to the premises after a wad of Rooney but at 89 two former Racing would seal equality: Licha Lopez crosses the ball from the right to Mariano Gonzalez and receives only harm a Pinocchio Van Der Saar. Great result that leaves the Portuguese good standing for the second leg.

At Anfield Liverpool unknown fell one against Chelsea 3-1. In one of the most compelling duels of the quarter it was the Blues who took the match turning so many of Ivanovic and Ivorian Drogba. El Niño Torres had opened the score for Liverpool not for accumulation of yellow Mascherano who was an unknown version of the neat and tidy Liverpool this season.

The Rafa Benitez are very poor showing for the return having to score 3 goals without reply to reach the semifinals.

Arsenal’s draw was a Madrigal in a match where Gonzalo Rodriguez and Ibagaza were participating for the yellow submarine. Senna opened the scoring for the hosts but then the Togolese Adebayoor pirouette through marked equality.